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The best 5 hand dryers for schools

If you are looking for the best hand dryers for schools, look no further. We've brought together a summary of each of them from over 16 different manufacturers and listed them below. If you want a more general idea of the things to look for, check out our other Advice Centre Article by clicking here. Electrical Deals Direct have carefully selected their top 5 hand dryers for schools.

DDA Compliance

Warner Howard EL1100W

The EL1100W hand dryer from Warner Howard is one of our lightest hand dryers weighing only 2.3kg. Many school interior walls are thin partition walls and are not excessively robust. This lightweight hand dryer can be fitted onto any partition or stud wall due to their light weight making it one of the most ideal hand under dryers for a school. Hand under dryers are a top pick for schools especially for smaller children who may not be tall enough to use a hands-in drier.

Airdri Quazar

Modern hand dryers can offer the best of both worlds, with low noise ratings and quick drying times. Low noise levels are an important factor to take into consideration, especially when children are involved because young children can find loud hand dryers too noisy, leaving them frightened. The Aridri Quazar has a decibel rating of 69, one of the quietest hand dryers on the market.

Jetbox Eco


When it comes to school purchases it often comes down to cost. If you’re looking for a low

priced hand dryer the Jetbox Eco is a top pick whilst still giving a quick dry time of 8 – 10 seconds. Hand dryers are much more economical than paper towels, the fact is that any school still using paper towels in its washrooms is wasting up to £600 a year.

Biodrier Biobot

The Biodrier Biobot hand dryer is specifically designed for children and comes with a choice of splashback and a selection of educational materials. Its child-friendly design and related educational material adds value to the classroom like no other hand dryer. Children love the child friendly ascetics of the Biobot as well as the low sound noise along with warm air temperature.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart

If you’re looking for an all-round hand dryer then the Mitsubishi Smart is what you’re looking for.  A number of innovative features which result in short drying times, highly efficient running costs and hygienic operation. One of the best features is its adjustable power. If you want to lower the decibel rating as well as the running costs the then standard power setting would be ideal for your environment.

These are our top 5 hand dryers for schools – if you require further information on any of these hand dryers or any other hand dryer we sell at Electrical Deals Direct call us on 01934 253600 or email us on sales@electricaldealsdirect.