The Heatrae Sadia Premier Heat is a range of electric flow boilers designed to deliver wet central heating as efficiently as possible for homeowners where there is no gas supply or if there are fluing restrictions. The Premier Heat offers similar levels of control to the conventional gas-powered systems and works with standard radiators, programmers, central heating pumps and room stats. The Premier Heat is a slim vertical design which if you have a limited amount of space is great.

The Heatrae Sadia Premier Heat comes in 5 different models, 4kw, 6kw, 9kw, 11kw and 12kw. Which one to choose all depends on what you are looking for the unit to power. As a rule of thumb I would recommend having 1kw of power per radiator or if you are running underfloor heating 100 watts per m2. If you require more than 12 radiators or 100m2 of underfloor heating, then you can purchase the Heatrae Sadia Amptec Relay Kit which will allow you to switch between two boilers depending of where the demand for heat is in the property.

Where needed these flow boilers can be installed with an indirect hot water cylinder such as the Heatrae Sadia Megaflo to provide hot water to your property (the boiler requires a hot water cylinder to provide hot water).

One of the main questions asked when it comes to electric flow boilers such as the Premier Heat is whether they are expensive to run? Yes, they can be as electricity is always the most expensive fuel however electricity is much better for the environment and it is only a matter of time before other fuel types are phased out. The Premier Heat is compatible with off-peak electricity tariffs such as Economy 7 and Economy 10.

The Heatrae Sadia Premier Heat comes with a 2 year on-site parts and labour warranty.

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