Electromax electric Boiler
The Electromax Combi Boiler produces both hot water for your sinks, bath and shower and hot water for your radiators (or underfloor heating). It is, in almost all situations, likely to be more expensive to run than a gas combi boiler, so why would you want to install one?
Well, these are becoming extremely popular, so there must be some compelling reasons. The major ones, as reported by our customers are as follows:

1. No Gas!

Probably the most common reason is that you live in an area without mains gas (and apparently there are more than 2 million households in the UK without such a service at the moment). Historically, having oil-fired central heating has been the most popular choice, but with more regulations affecting external oil tanks, and improvements in products like the Electromax, things are changing.
If you already have standard radiators and all the plumbing in place, the Electromax can easily replace your old oil boiler.

2. Architectural restrictionslegs

Unlike a gas boiler (or an oil boiler), the Electromax needs no chimney, so it is much more flexible in terms of location. Some properties (such as apartments) cannot accommodate flues of any kind, so a gas boiler is a non-starter.

3. Rented accommodation

Gas appliances need annual certification and regular servicing. This is not the case with an electric system.

Because the hot water tank of the Electromax (which is 180 litres) can be heated up overnight on cheaper electricity, the cost difference is not as bad as it might be, and the hot water is then delivered at mains pressure, giving you fast-fill baths and powerful showers.
Whilst all Electromax models have a 180 litre tank for the hot water, they have alternative heating boilers of either 6kW or 9kw, and are available for either underfloor heating or radiators. If you need to check whether they are right for you, do call one of our experts on 01934 253600 or read more on our Electromax information page.