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Hand Dryer Buying Guide!

Hand Dryer Buying Guide

Unsure what's right for you? Let the experts help!

At Electrical Deals Direct we are so often asked "What's the best hand dryer for me?" "Which one would suit my?.." and "Do you think this unit would suit?.."

We love to rise to these questions and answer as best we can. Whilst it can be rather tedious and boring dredging through data specs, product brochures and snoozing on the phone lines waiting for an IP rating to be confirmed - we'd much rather do it than yourselves! We're sure you've got places to be and could well do with leaving this in the hands of dryer experts (nerds) like us!

The team here at Electrical Deals Direct have compiled some handy views and condensed all of our knowledge into some handy reference materials for the user to help really narrow down their precise product needs - after all we aim to be able to explain at many levels from a first time browser to an experienced contractor/outfitter.

Before we get into the heavier reading - we readily organise and offer Hand Dryer's into key categories that many may find useful:

  • Shopping for schools? Or perhaps you're aiming for some peace and quiet? we can help! The Hand Dryer Buying Guide might be too far a solution, browse for your specific area in these categories
  • Need a Cheap Hand Dryer option? Or perhaps you're aiming for an ideal Resturant or Pub experience? We have an extensive range of options to boot!
  • We can offer all styles and shapes to suit and boot - check out our blade hand dryers for the modern look!

Still not satisfied you've found your ideal solution? We have proudly crafted and here present our easy digest Hand Dryer Buying Guide! We hope in all this you are able to find a perfect solution.

If all else fails - or you'd simply rather one of our on hand experts talk you through this, call 01934 253600 - The Hand Dryer Buying Guide presented by Electrical Deals Direct