The boiling tank size, or capacity in litres for a lot of commercial and domestic boiling taps isn’t always an easy thing to find amongst the literature and manuals from many of the brands it seems.

The throughput of cups or mugs per hour is probably more important for specifiers and installers in the commercial world and this is readily available, but we get quite a few enquiries from potential residential customers who need to know if they can fill up a saucepan or cater sufficiently for higher demand situations such as 8 coffees at the same time after the dinner party, and of course this is the typical calibre of customer who chooses to shop at Electrical Deals Direct!

So we decided to gather the information from the various suppliers and put it together in this advice centre article for easy reference. We’ve listed some of the more popular models by brand, and we’ve only shown the boiling capacity, not chilled.


Miniboil MB2BA                                                                1.8L

All other Zip domestic (Arc, Cube, Elite, Classic)        2.2L

Commercial ‘100’ range                                                 1.8L

Commercial ‘140’ range                                                 1.8L

Commercial ‘160’ range                                                 3.0L

Commercial ‘240’ range                                                 3.0L



Eco XL                                                                                   1.8L

Quadra Compact XL                                                        5.4L

Quadra 440 XL                                                                   7.6L

Quadra 460 XL                                                                   7.6L

Quadra 4100 XL                                                                 7.6L



All models                                                                           2.5L


Heatrae Sadia :

Aquatap (All)                                                                     5.0L



Reditap                                                                                2.0L



PRO3 VAQ           (eg 3BCHR)                                         3.0L


We hope this information has been of help and if you require any further assistance or details, please don’t forget that all the guys at Electrical Deals Direct are boiling tap nerds and would love to help. They are likely to continue to talk about the products until you politely ask them to stop.

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