Zip Arc HydrotapIf you can't get to see one of the new Zip Hydrotaps up close and actually get your hands on it before making the decision as to whether it is right for your kitchen, this video on how to use it may help you make up your mind.

As well as showing you exactly what that tap is like, the video below also explains how it works, and gives you an idea of the level of controllability provided by the under-sink command centre.




The tap in the video is the Zip Arc Hydrotap, but 3 other shapes are also available - you can see them by clicking on our Zip residential taps

And the finish on the tap is 'Brushed Chrome', but there are 3 other finishes available - polished chrome (which is also the cheapest), gloss black, and matt black. For the Arc tap, you can see all these hydrotap finishes.

All these new Zip Hydrotaps are extremely serious competition for other suppliers in the domestic market, because they combine the top-class build quality and wealth of sophisticated features which have been developed for the commercial market with new lower pricing. When the extra discounting offered by Electrical Deals direct is added to this, it is a winning combination which explains why these have now become our fastest selling range of boiling water taps. To work out which is the best model for you, our How to choose a Zip Hydrotap will take you through a few simple steps to find the best fit for your requirements.